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Its a good app and i only got it for the iphone 6 s plus

Gioco ben fatto!

Fell in love

This game is frakkin addicting!

Good game

Tho I wish it were more involving but came farther than most games like this

Great Game

Perfect game that has not sold out yet, well balanced and 3D!

What happened?

After this upgrade I cannot join the game or update . I dont know what is going on.


I swear all it takes to make money off of a game is to have it 1) animated 2) cartoon violence 3) have the main character screaming in the picture. Notice that. All of these types of games have a character with their enormous mouth open in front of the picture. All of them.

Good game

It is a very good game but the game is hard it takes too many internet and thanks please make it better


Hello Lords Mobile team. My account name is negro sayin from K27 and I would like to move my turf and migrate to one of the newest kingdoms. I can see that you guys said it has to be older than 90 days in order for a player to migrate to a new kingdom, but in the newest kingdom there is a player whos might is 65 million and also a 18 million. I dont know how they got there when the kingdom was put in action today but I think its messed up. Im not even close to reaching 65 million or even 18 million, but I have only been playing for over about 5 months. Im just wondering how they can move over to a new kingdom but I cant even though I have been playing shorter amount of time then them. I love this game but I think you understand why I gave it 2 stars.



The new update is TERRIBLE

So I updated the game and now all of my hard work to get to 12mil might is gone. All of the hard earned victories and even losses are gone. Im done playing this game if I can not get my kingdom back.

New Update

So, I got the new update so excited to see what it adds than i update the game. I log back in and I have NOTHING it reset my game

Lord mobile

My great choice


I wait four hours for this new update, and I still cant even open the app. Why you may ask? Because the app tells me I cant play unless I update it. So it redirects me to the store to update. Well guess what?! The update isnt available and wont let me update to open the app so here I am, left to write a review because I cant even open the app to request help from IGG.. great update guys! Wish I could play it, thanks! Every day its something else. I sometimes wonder why I keep playing this game.

Dont waste your time, Chinese only game

Chinese gets perks while non Chinese players get screwed. Why play a game where they hate non Chinese more less give them your money.

loading screen on guil maill!!!

the loading symbol will not go away and i can exit out if the mmailllllll fix this

Hard on new comers

So Ive been playing the game for about a week now. The first few days were great, didnt have to worry about anything since you start off with a 3 day shield to potentially get better before your thrown into the game (seems very fair). During this time its important to find a guild and to build up a decent army so that they can defend you base. Little did the developers know that a maxed player can "pop" right next your base, attack you, along with your entire guild (losing only 4 soldiers in all) capturing your heroes and forcing you to pay so you can have them back. Very thought out isnt it? I mean, wow lose your 30K troops because your infirmary was too low of a level to heal them all, (troops literally take days to train (1k troops take like 3-4 hrs)). Next your expected to train your troops again before the guy decides to raid you again (oh wait... He executed your hero.... Hmm yea... Back to the drawing board). This game is broken and extremely unfair for anyone who just starts off. This game REQUIRES you to pay for gems since theres no way to survive until your good enough to defend yourself (unless the kingdom is a new one, or your on one of the top 10 guilds). I really wouldnt bother myself with this game since its just frustrating and there at least 20 other games just like it that does it better.


All the money you spend on this game and they dont use it to improve player experience. The bugs and gaming issues are slow to get resolved. After they try to fix it, the problem occurs again after awhile. So disappointing.

To many bugs

You guys need to fix the ingame mail problem asap! This is going on three days now.

Lot of Unfair Chinese people play

So after playing couple of days. I ve realized that there are some rude chinese people just taking power over the game. The support group of this game doesnt do crap. Even if it was cryin out for loud telling what happend to the support group. They said, well since its a war game, we cant do anything. Really???? Seriously??? Like low lvl people were getting attack by high ranks and completely getting terminated and kicked out from the farming some resources, stealing heroes for nothing but for fun. Lack of updates in mail system. It lags so much, that you cannot even open it.

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